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    Base It

    1 Pack: 2 x 2g Syringes with 8 bent dispensing tips

    20g Black Bent Dispensign Tips
    1 Pack: 30 Tips

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    Block-Out Resin

    Block-Out Resin is a viscous, light-cured, methacrylate-based, syringe delivered blue pigmented utility resin. It is designed for laboratory use such as for bleaching reservoirs on plaster models, for lab procedures requiring spacing or undercut block out, and to repair small fractures or voids in laboratory models.

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    Core it Dual

    Radiopaque, dual-cured composite core build-up material. Medium viscosity allows maximum control and stackability for easy application. Sets hard, cuts and carves like dentin. High bond strength to dentin, enamel, and posts. For use with dual-cure compatible bonding systems.

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    Desen is a non-glutaraldeyde desensitizing agent. Seals dentinal tubules, preventing the fluid-shifing recognized as the primary cause of localized hypersensitivity. Excellent hydrophilicity and biocompatible

  • finalestempeugenolpng_joey_2Cement

    Es Temp Cement

    EsTemp Eugenol (111100)
    Zinc oxide/Eugenol formula. Self-curing temporary cement. Indicated for temporary crowns. Flows easily, allowing complete seating of the restoration


    EsTemp NE (111200)
    Non-Eugenol Temporary Cement. Easy to mix, manipulate, and remove- ideal for cementing temporary crowns and bridges.


    EsTemp Implant (112100)
    Non-eugenol radiopaque resin cement in an automix syringe. Semi-permanent and dual cure. Designed for longer term temporaries and high-strength restorations on implant abutments. Can be removed easily when needed.


  • finalestempcrownpng_joey_1

    Es Temp Crown

    EsTemp Crown (A1)

    EsTemp Crown (A2)
    1 Pkg: 1 x 76g Cartridge, 10 Automix Tips



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    EsBond (313100)
    EsBond is a 5th Generation, light-cured, single-bottle application bonding system. High strength bonding compatible with all classes of direct composite restoration to dentin and enamel, as well as treated porcelain and set amalgam.


    EsBond Activator (313300)
    Dual-cure additive for EsBond Adhesive System. Allows EsBond to adhere securely with dual-cure restoration materials.


    EsBond Kit (313200)
    1 Box: EsBond 5ml Bottle, Dispensing Dish
    1 Applicator, 30 Micro Brush Tips

  • finalescomintropng_joey_finalescom-seriespng_joey_9

    EsCom 100

    Universal composite resin designed for posterior and anterior restorations. Nano-hybrid formula delivers easy polish ability, exceptional wear resistance, low polymerization shrinkage, and superior compressive strength. Escom100 comes in Syringes or Capsules and is radiopaque.

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    Highly aesthetic, nanohybrid flowable composite. Medium viscosity allows gentle flow for easy handling and precision application. Contains high molecular weighted urethane methacrylate monomer for superior compressive strength. Light-cured to a hardness equivalent to natural enamel. Highly radiopaque.