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  • finalbase-itpng_joey_1

    Base It

    1 Pack: 2 x 2g Syringes with 8 bent dispensing tips

    20g Black Bent Dispensign Tips
    1 Pack: 30 Tips

  • finaldesenpng_joey_11_2


    Desen is a non-glutaraldeyde desensitizing agent. Seals dentinal tubules, preventing the fluid-shifing recognized as the primary cause of localized hypersensitivity. Excellent hydrophilicity and biocompatible

  • finalestempeugenolpng_joey_2Cement

    Es Temp Cement

    EsTemp Eugenol (111100)
    Zinc oxide/Eugenol formula. Self-curing temporary cement. Indicated for temporary crowns. Flows easily, allowing complete seating of the restoration


    EsTemp NE (111200)
    Non-Eugenol Temporary Cement. Easy to mix, manipulate, and remove- ideal for cementing temporary crowns and bridges.


    EsTemp Implant (112100)
    Non-eugenol radiopaque resin cement in an automix syringe. Semi-permanent and dual cure. Designed for longer term temporaries and high-strength restorations on implant abutments. Can be removed easily when needed.


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    Temp Ro

    Light-cured, single-component, provisional filling material for temporary restorations. Use for all types of protective temporary fillings for inlay and onlay techniques. Temp ro cures to a highly elastic state making it suitable for deep inlay preparation with parallel walls. Also suitable for sealing of implant screw access canals. Can be easily removed in one piece

    1 Pack: 3 x 3g Syringes

  • tempro-flowyellowpng_joey_1finalalltempro-flowpng_joey_1

    Temp Ro Flow

    Flowable temporary filling material, Needs to be light-cured, usually for temporary restoration of Class I Cavities (inlay).

    1 PACK: 4 x 1.2ml Syringes with 6 bent dispensing tips