About us

About us

Welcome to DENTNER!
Dentner is an online platform that connects deals for digital dental prosthesis ‘Scan file’ and ‘CAD file’
between Client member and T-esginer member
  • Client Member?

    Clinic and Dental lab who has ‘Scan file’ but can’t design ‘CAD file’

  • T-esigner member?

    Dental technicians(CAD designer) in Korea ‘Dentner’ verified.
    Graduated from College of Dental technology and Pass the National Examination.

Process Flow

Client Member

T-esigner member
(CAD designer)

Submit a request form
Request “Open quotation” after completing the request or
Request “Selective quotation” of the desired CAD designer
Get a quotation
Send a quotation after checking the quote request
Check the quotation and
match the CAD designer
Get a free real-time quotation and
match with a desired CAD designer
E-contract and project status
Once designer upload ‘CAD file’ on th platform,
send a payment request message
Get a ‘CAD file’
You can download it after the payment is completed
Leave a review once the project is done!
※ Your quotation request will be based on [th type number of prosthetics], and other information is not disclosed.
Only those involved in the contract can access the information.